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California State University, Chico
Sheep & Goat Unit

Chico State Online Goat Dispersal Sale:  March 31-April 2, 2016


To develop and maintain multiple flocks that model modern livestock production and provide a hands-on learning environment for students where they become familiar with all aspects of small ruminant management, economics and marketing while developing interpersonal and leadership skills.

Our primary production goal is to produce quality youth project animals for a reasonable price.


Flock/Herd Description:

Project lambs
We manage approximately 75 black face (Suffolk x Hampshire) wether dams.  Lambs are born in the fall (October/November) to meet the needs for early summer fairs and also in the early spring (January/February) to meet the needs for late summer fairs.  Our original ewe base was founded in Bianchi genetics and we are currently running a ewe base that is heavy on Composure genetics.  Our ewes are managed on irrigated pasture and supplemented during critical production periods such as late gestation and early lactation. 

Sheep helping around the farm
Our ewes also help out around our 800 acre University Farm. Ewes with lower nutrient requirements (open ewes) are moved around the farm to help clean up various areas, including road sides, non productive ground, crop residues, and the organic vegetable project.

Project goats
For nine years we have managed about 30 Boer goat does. We will be dispersing the goat herd during the Spring of 2016.


Management Team:

Our unit is managed by a team of students and faculty/staff. Students are responsible for the day to day management of the animals. This involves feeding and health management, irrigation and pasture management, and education and outreach with the community!

Dr. Celina Phillips, Faculty Supervisor
Don Sinnott, Staff Supervisor

Student Employees
Julie Allen
Jamie Conner
Bridgette Eldridge
Ben Grismer

ANSC 110 Directed Work Experience Students
Jessica Castillo
Kevin Gough
Addy Sarasy
Iris Stewart
Avery Van Horn
Tiann Uhl
Ashley Utz