California State University, Chico
Sheep & Goat Unit

Chico State Sheep & Meat Goat Educational Day and Sale:  February 7, 2015


To develop and maintain multiple flocks that model modern livestock production and provide a hands-on learning environment for students where they become familiar with all aspects of small ruminant management, economics and marketing while developing interpersonal and leadership skills.

Our primary production goal is to produce quality youth project animals for a reasonable price.


Flock/Herd Description:

Project lambs
We manage about 80-90 Suffolk x Hampshire wether dam sheep with half lambing in the fall for early summer fairs and half in the spring for late summer/fall fairs.  Our original ewe base was founded on Leventini and Bianchi genetics.  Over the past 10 years we have infused genetics from Farinelli Club Lambs (Escalon, CA), Hawkins Club Lambs (Oregon), Pagliaro-Bohan Club Lambs (Petaluma, CA), McGolden and McLaughlin/Griffin (via Byrnes Club Lambs in Gridley, CA).  Our ewes are managed on irrigated pasture and supplemented during times of greatest nutritional needs (late gestation and lactation).

Project goats
Chico State maintains about 30 percentage/fullblood Boer goat does.  The majority of the does kid in December/January, but we are shifting more of the does to kidding in September/October to hit both of the fair seasons common in California.  The base of our herd came from Rocking 4R Boer Goats (Dixon, CA) and Glennland Farms (Orland, CA).  Since then we have infused genetics from  White Rail Ranch, HJ Boer Goats, the Braught Family, J and J Livestock and Correia Livestock.  Our project kids have been very competitive across northern California and Oregon.


Management Team:

Our unit is managed by a team consisted of students, staff and faculty.

Dr. Celina Phillips, Faculty Supervisor

Brittni Reid, Emma Spivey, Bridgette Eldridge, Daphne Norman